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Fun in the woods

New Friends 

School Holidays  2016 



Working it out



Summer Holiday fun will begin on the 23rd  July 2018

Well what an eventfull summer so far lets hop it pics up for our activity weeks.

In the woods we will be, Team building,

making dens,

investigaiting different animals and bugs,

Making windchimes out of wood,

crafting tree people,

using modling clay

Making firy and elfe houses,

balaning on string making obstical courses.

making willow fences etc.

and having lots of fun

Exsploing forersty survivel with the help of Mr Barker


Exspresive Arts though out the holidays. 

Team building

Painting with brushes or objects or even out body, to projce fabulat pices of are.

Making dance routins hip hop of opra

Building sculpturs using lots of differen meterials.

making a band

absulutly anything that is conceted with exspresinve arts.\


So much can be gaind from these two arears over the four weeks activity weeks



Children working together building freindships out of school in a fun, Safe and family enviroment. 


To Book your Place for summer 2018 eaither call or used form up near the top of the page.
Open from 7:30 am to 6 pm Monday to Friday
Closed on all Bank Holidays.

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