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Wellcome to our Diddily Ducks Room for 0-2 years.

We have been working on the Diddily Ducks room for some time now Thank you to Mr and Mrs Graves for letting us renovate their old barn, and without the support and hard work form our families we would not of be able to of done it, A lot has gone into this room.  This room will be used mainly for 0-2-year-olds however in quiet times, the holidays and after school, the children within the setting will mix, as we believe it is important for families to be together and play.  


News letter

Within the Diddily Ducks room, the children will have the ability to express themselves in a safe and secure environment.  They will be encouraged to explorer their environment around them and interact with, the other children in the room.  These pics are the first pics took of the room so still in the development stage working on room pics to follow.
We will help each individual child develop at their own rate and support them to develop and grow.   We will follow the Early Years Foundation Stage.


Each child will have a learning journey that will cover their development as they grow and bloom. We will be following the same aims and pedagogies as in Puddle-Duck.

At Puddle Ducks, we have no minimum hrs we are here to support all parents even only for you to go to the shops. 


For more information please do contact us.01507328213 


Safe Sleeping for Babies - Reducing the Risk of SIDS

Click on the images below for more information. 

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