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Puddle Ducks Woodland 

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We have been running a woodland nursery for seven years and have been Forest School Trained for the past year and a half, Our Forest school nursery has been developing since 2012 and we have successfully run three years or our Woodland  Pre School now even through the paramedic, ~Over the last two years we have been able to use our Forest School Level 3 training to support our ever-developing woodland setting. We have supported children being outside for their whole preschool year we have developed our woodland to enable us to have a cabin if the weather gets too cold so the children can warm up and go back outside the children have made shelters and are developing the woodland all the time looking after the wildlife and the woodland together. We have planed new trees as the woodland has been thinned out our woodland is about 21 years old so still fairly new woodland. We have used the old branches to make natural borders so the children know where they can and can’t go.  We have compost toilets and handwashing facilities for our children to stay safe during these difficult times. We have enclosed some pictures of our woodland over the years. The woodland has been so important to us over this last year even more than ever not only for our preschool children but our younger children and babies too. We run summer activity weeks for the children from the age of 4yr-11yr. We are in the woodland five days week from 9am-3pm. All year round dependent on high winds.

All our children in the last year of pre-school will go to the woodland there is a charge for forest school and this is £5 per day as every day you child is in they will receive a Forest School hour. As we are a Forests school this is part of our terms for this year group of children. 

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